• Offsetters Life Cycle Study
    Life Cycle Study Confirms It! Give Wheat a Chance.

    Offsetters’ Life Cycle Study confirms that copy paper made from agricultural waste is one of the most sustainable copy papers available.

    Read the Full LCS Here
  • Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson: Wheat-Based Paper Can Start Forest Industry Revolution

    VICTORIA – Actor Woody Harrelson has played every character from a gullible bartender to an irascible porn publisher to the drunken hero in The Hunger Games, but in real life he wants to be a paper industry revolutionary who saves forests from chainsaws.

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  • Trees Saved See what saving trees really means

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  • RIT Step Forward Paper Report ThumbTests show our paper is of high quality

    • lower dust count than several leading brands.
    • low curl value even when printing with inks
    Read detailed test results
  • Woody Harrelson Talks Step Forward Paper™ in New Orleans

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Step Forward Paper™ saves lots of trees


  • Made with 80 per cent wheat straw waste, saving trees.
  • The first paper of its kind to hit shelves in North America
  • Offsetter’s study shows Step Forward Paper™ is one of the most environmentally sustainable paper types currently available in North America
  • A big step towards meeting more growing paper needs

High quality paper you can count on


  • Test results on par with tree-based paper, verified at Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Affordably priced
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Vision 2016: Made in North America.

Made from Agricultural By-Products


  • Made from leftover wheat straw and does not impact the food supply chain.
  • Small environmental footprint
  • Additional income for farmers.
  • Savings are made from not harvesting the valuable carbon stored in our world's forests.

Who’s talking about Step Forward Paper?TM


They are…

  • TIME

    Woody Harrelson, Sustainable Paper Salesman

    You might hear that we’re supposedly entering the post-paper age—it’s all PDFs and tablets from here—but I for one still have paper laying around my desk. A lot of it.


    Woody Harrelson: Natural-born paper salesman

    Woody Harrelson is hugging a tree. Not just any tree, but a massive, century-old kiawe on Honolulu’s glistening Waikiki Beach. This particular species, a member of the deciduous mesquite family, was brought to Hawaii by a Catholic priest in 1827. Its eradication in Peru more than 1,000 years ago is believed to have led to ecological collapse and, ultimately, the demise of an ancient civilization.

  • GreenBiz

    Sprint, Staples, Kimberly-Clark: the litmus test for wheat-straw paper

    Wheat straw is often burned or landfilled to make room for new crops. Using it for paper could create a “second harvest” for farming communities.

  • Forbes

    Woody Harrelson: Reinventing The Way Paper Is Made With Only 20% Wood

    I recently caught up with Woody Harrelson, who is changing the way paper is made with his partner, Jeff Golfman. Their company is called Step Forward Paper and their paper is made out of 80 percent wheat-straw waste and 20 percent Forest Stewardship Council certified wood fiber.

…and you are

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