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  • Staples

    Staples USA

    Available for home & small office users.

    Exclusively in the USA at, and through Staples in-store kiosks.

    Step Forward Paper product code: 180614
    Staples Advantage product number: 180596

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  • Staples

    Staples Canada

    Available for home & small office users.

    Exclusively in Canada at, and at all Staples stores in Canada.

    Step Forward Paper product code: 932051

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    Copy Centres

  • Staples

Step Forward Paper™ is available at Staples Copy Centres across Canada. Click here to find your nearest copy centre.

  Commercial Printing

Step Forward Paper™ Professional Grade is currently available at these fine printers listed below. If you are a customer looking to hire a commercial printer, please support these printers.

To learn more about Step Forward Paper™ Professional Grade, click here for our sell sheet.

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If you are a commercial printer looking to carry Step Forward Paper Professional Grade please apply here and we'll process your application when we are ready to expand into your area.
Click here for our commercial paper sellsheet

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