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Want to be a hero? (or make your boss a hero) ?
Truth is, despite our technical age, paper continues to be a primary way information is shared.

The average office worker uses two boxes of paper each year !

Paper doesn’t have to come from trees. Side with us! We make paper from agricultural waste–by-product after farmers have harvested for food.

Want to help your company save trees?

Here are some ideas of how to get your organization to switch to Step Forward Paper:

1. Request to be added to our mailing list for updates on our quickly expanding business.

2. Find out the environmental impact you can make by switching to straw-based paper:

3. Share this one-page overview of our paper to share with your boss, sustainability lead, etc, to help get your organization to switch over to Step Forward Paper™ : Download (pdf).

4. Order paper direct from our distributor, Unisource. Small office users can buy our paper at Staples Canada, both in-person and online.

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