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Sustainability the Smart Way

Benefitting the nature without compromising on comfort.

Support Farmers

Farmers are the people who are trying to produce the right materials to help ensure you have the right materials.

Affordable Price

You can buy excellent quality produce for an affordable price if you directly buy them from the farmer.

Excellent Product Quality

The product received from the market is made fresh and the also allows you to be secure of the product you are buying.

Wheat Straw Waste
Wood Fibre
Years Of Excellence
Positive Feedback
Our Identity

Prairie Paper’s long-term goal is to revolutionize the pulp and paper industry by building a first-of-its-kind state-of-the-art eco mill in Canada to make 100% tree-free chlorine-free paper from agricultural waste.

Our Team

Each member of the team working toward this goal is deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the health of our planet.

Wood pulp paper manufacturing process

How Step Forward Paper Is Made

Step forward paper is made from straws which comes from the farmers produce. This helps save plans while ensuring that there is no wastage.

Wheat Straw is Collected
The extra straw comes after the farmers have already used it for other purposes, such as animal bedding and tilling into the soil straw is collected from farmers within a 50km radius of the factory.

The Straw is “Digested”
The straw is washed and fed into a digesterbasically a giant cooking pot, and cooked into a pulp with steam and causticotherwise known as lye, a common ingredient in your average hand soap.

The Pulp is Washed
The pulp is washed several times to remove and collect black liquordark sludgy stuff that contains impurities from the pulp, along with the chemicals used in the digesting processPulp washing process.

Pulp is Made into Paper Rolls
The blended pulp is processed by a papermaking machineAn enormous machine that lays the pulp into a continuous sheet, flattens, and then dries it into rolls of paper, forming large rolls of paper.

Why Switch?

This is one of the most responsible way to help ensure that you are leading a better and sustainable life. This prevents the guilt of your destroying the planet for the future generation.

80% Tree-Free Paper

Our ways help create papers which are 80% produced from the pulp from the remains of crops.

Totally Eco-Friendly

The way we produce these papers are produced while keeping the nature in mind.

Chlorine-Free Paper

Chlorine can be harmful for the environment but the papers we produce can go back to the environment without any problem.

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Latest Updates

All that You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Paper

Prologue to Eco-friendly paper

Eco-friendly paper, is actually what its name suggests: A greener rendition of customary paper, with a little carbon impression and by and large natural effect. There are two primary sorts of eco-accommodating paper. The first is reused paper. The second is FSC Certified paper. Incorporating either into your home or office is an incredible move for nature. Contingent upon your area, you might almost certainly discover eco-accommodating paper at an office supply store close by. If not, the two assortments can without much of a stretch be found on the web.


  • Reused paper is produced using post-shopper squander as opposed to wood mash from naturally cut trees. Paper items, from bundling to the old scratchpad, can be reused into this sort of paper.
  • It’s anything but difficult to perceive how boundless reusing of paper items could lessen deforestation, by making more reused paper that doesn’t require new trees. Decreasing deforestation reduces natural surroundings misfortune for untamed life, and keeps more oxygen in the climate. Reusing approximately one ton of paper decreases ozone harming substance emanations by one ton of carbon proportionate, and spares around 7,000 gallons of water.
  • By utilizing reused paper, you are exploiting all the decency that originates from reusing paper items. When scanning for reused paper, know that most assortments are not made with 100 per cent post-customer materials, which implies that some crisp trees are as yet utilized in the paper’s generation.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The FSC, which depicts itself as a “gathering of organizations, tree huggers and network pioneers,” is a well-regarded not-revenue driven which plans to ensure the world’s timberlands by administering and improving timber generation.

The FSC has collaborated with key competitors in the timber business to assess and follow timber and mash through creation chains, and guarantee that more woods are overseen practically. Any paper or wood items confirmed by the FSC were made with manageable practices.

The FSC likewise thinks about the proper treatment of individuals in the creation of timber. Organizations which dislodge indigenous individuals in the production of their timber, for instance, won’t be guaranteed. Up until now, the FSC has secured around 174 million hectares of woods around the world.

Sometimes opt for both

Some FSC guaranteed paper is likewise made, in any event to some degree, from post-buyer materials. With this sort of paper, you can have the best of the two words, guaranteeing that recyclables were utilized to deliver the paper and that whatever crisp trees were utilized in its creation were reasonably collected.

Some FSC affirmed paper is even made to a limited extent from non-wood materials, for example, wheat straw. Such paper can further lessen the number of crisp trees required for paper generation.

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