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Sustainability the Smart Way

Benefitting the nature without compromising on comfort.

Support Farmers

Farmers are the people who are trying to produce the right materials to help ensure you have the right materials.

Affordable Price

You can buy excellent quality produce for an affordable price if you directly buy them from the farmer.

Excellent Product Quality

The product received from the market is made fresh and the also allows you to be secure of the product you are buying.

Wheat Straw Waste
Wood Fibre
Years Of Excellence
Positive Feedback
Our Identity

Prairie Paper’s long-term goal is to revolutionize the pulp and paper industry by building a first-of-its-kind state-of-the-art eco mill in Canada to make 100% tree-free chlorine-free paper from agricultural waste.

Our Team

Each member of the team working toward this goal is deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the health of our planet.

How Step Forward Paper Is Made

Step forward paper is made from straws which comes from the farmers produce. This helps save plans while ensuring that there is no wastage.

Wheat Straw is Collected
The extra straw comes after the farmers have already used it for other purposes, such as animal bedding and tilling into the soil straw is collected from farmers within a 50km radius of the factory.

The Straw is “Digested”
The straw is washed and fed into a digesterbasically a giant cooking pot, and cooked into a pulp with steam and causticotherwise known as lye, a common ingredient in your average hand soap.

The Pulp is Washed
The pulp is washed several times to remove and collect black liquordark sludgy stuff that contains impurities from the pulp, along with the chemicals used in the digesting processPulp washing process.

Pulp is Made into Paper Rolls
The blended pulp is processed by a papermaking machineAn enormous machine that lays the pulp into a continuous sheet, flattens, and then dries it into rolls of paper, forming large rolls of paper.

Why Switch?

This is one of the most responsible way to help ensure that you are leading a better and sustainable life. This prevents the guilt of your destroying the planet for the future generation.

80% Tree-Free Paper

Our ways help create papers which are 80% produced from the pulp from the remains of crops.

Totally Eco-Friendly

The way we produce these papers are produced while keeping the nature in mind.

Chlorine-Free Paper

Chlorine can be harmful for the environment but the papers we produce can go back to the environment without any problem.

Latest Updates

Chicago- the hub of cultural festivals to enjoy live music!

Chicago is a cultural hub with festivals around the year, celebrating the music, artists and the food. Whenever you plan to visit Chicago there will also be an upcoming event for you to witness the energetic crowd enjoying the best arts and culture. If you are a music lover and want to explore the local music you have several festivals to plan your visit, here we provide you a glimpse of important festivals that are worth attending

1. Chicago Blues Festival

As the name says the festival is all about Blues music. The music was in full bloom in the twentieth century and the Chicago Blues Festival makes it live those days again. It is one of the largest music festivals in the world and you can expect the global crowd. It is a 3-day festival and there is no entry ticket. You can come and enjoy the music for free. Prominent artists perform live in the Chicago Blues Festival.

2. Chicago Jazz Festival

It provides a platform for both new young talented individuals and the famous personalities to show their quest for jazz music. The annual festival is seen in August and September and is visited by jazz loves all around the world. The event is highly crowded and people are advised to get their chairs to sit comfortably and enjoy the music.

3. Wells Street Art Festival

This is the festival of art, music, dance, and local cuisines. The festival is held at the Old Chicago Town neighborhood. There will be a market where artists from different parts come and showcase their handcrafted materials and eco-friendly art pieces to sell. There will be live music concerts, dance performances with the nearby restaurants offering local food.

Glencoe Festival of Art is also equally famous where the artists display their talent and also live painting work. The festival allows interaction with artists and also to purchase their work.

4. Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago film festival was started in the year 1964 and to date, it is being held annually. It is held during the autumn season. The festival is celebrated to honor and reward actors, actresses, directors, short stories, documentaries, lifetime achievement awards, etc. People from the film industry across the globe come together and celebrate this festival. The awards and recognitions are given to the best talents.

5. Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork organizes this music festival every year and attracts people from all the corners. It is a platform for both amateurs and professionals. This festival of music, dance, and food provides great entertainment. The festival plays all kinds of music ranging from hip hop, alternative rock, dance music, hardcore punk, electronic, experimental rock, and jazz to name a few. The festival includes food and beverages to complete your experience. Enjoy the unstoppable beats for 3 days. You can buy either a single day or three-day jumbo ticket at a concessional price.

Choose any of your favorite festivals and be a part of it!

Some of the structures that escaped the fire are The Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station on Michigan Avenue which is now a home to City Gallery and Looking glass Theatre. In 1900, Chicago completed massive and innovative engineering projects, reversing the flow of the Chicago River and emptying it in the Mississippi River rather than the Lake Michigan. Each year, on Patrick’s Day, the Chicago River is dyed green to celebrate the day. Make sure if renting one, then go for a good service which can really give you good value for money and once you get that then you do not need to worry about anything else.

Chicago has 369 landmarks and 59 historic districts. It is a home to approximately 60 museums and nearly 200 art galleries and 20 neighborhood art centers. It has one of the largest collections of impressionist and post-impressionist. The Wrigley Field (1914) is the second oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. The second highest tower in the western hemisphere, Willis tower which was formally Sears Tower, gives a fascinating sight watching around. It also has the world’s fastest elevators at a speed of 1600 feet per minute and if you want something good for travelling think of renting one. This is one of the best things you can go in for.

The first American to receive a Nobel Prize in the sciences in 1907 was a physicist in the University of Chicago by the name Albert A. Michelson. The Chicago Tribune in 1914 hired Jack Lawson as the first paid full-time critic fill in the U.S. Barack Obama, the first African-American president and the 44th president of the United States resides in Chicago. The world’s first skyscraper which is the home of Home Insurance Company and was designed by Major William Le Baron Jenney and built in Chicago in 1885.

Chicago is a major world’s tourist attraction and it serves up to about 86 million people from all around the world who come to see the fascinating features and structures that the City of Chicago offers and you need to go in for renting one. It is something very important and you do not need to worry about anything. This is a very important thing, which you need to keep in mind. Once you do that then things are much more easier and you do not need to worry.

The city of Chicago covers an area of about 60,000 hectares and is located at 176 meters (578 feet) above the sea level on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. Being the 5th largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Michigan is 190km wide and 495 km wide. Here also, the Chicago and Calumet rivers meander through it. This city receives up to about 86million visitors annually because of its very attractive extensive city parklands.

Chicago is recognized across the state as a very passionate sports town. You will literally find almost all types of sports which range from professional sports teams such as basketball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey to Olympic and athletic games.

What should you prefer: A garage or a car cover?

It is important to take immediate decisions if you are parking your car outside your house. It is important in both extreme weathers, i.e. cold and hot. In the rainy season there is more demand of car protection because water can severely damage the body of car in one way or another. Many people think that the only way to protect the car from rain is to park it inside a garage, otherwise it will be wrecked soon! This is not true, with the advancements of technology there are a lot of protective measures that you can take to protect your car even when it is parked outside. In some cases, it is better to park the car outside your home with a slight protection. In this article, we would discuss the important points in relation of parking the car inside and outside. It might be a personal choice of individuals but both these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Parking your car inside a garage would definitely provide you extra protection but there are some disadvantages as well, which are discussed in detail here.

Parking in the garage:

Parking your car in a garage would definitely protect it completely from the weather conditions as this would be parked in a closed area and there would be quite a less chance for rain and heat to approach the car.

Benefits of disadvantages of parking car in a garage:

There are numerous advantages attached to this option as your car would be protected completely. The main advantages you get with this type of parking are as follows:

  • Weather conditions are completely overcome
  • Less likelihood of car theft
  • Easy to approach your car while it is raining

When a car is parked in a garage, it is very easy to go towards it and start driving. If it is parked outside, you would have to cross all the rain to reach the car. Similarly, this applies to all the weather conditions. When a car is parked outside in a hot weather, it is not a pleasant walk towards the car and the car gets very hot from the inside too. In addition to that, you can reduce the risk of car theft to a significant level if you have a brand new car!

However, there are some disadvantages of building a car garage for your vehicle as well and you need to understand them before taking a decision.

  • It is usually an expensive approach to construct a garage
  • Your car would still not be protected from the dust
  • You can use this space for another activity

Constructing a garage is not an overnight activity. It would require time and money. You can save this amount if you use The Car Cover for your vehicle. In addition to that, there is no way to protect your car from the dust even if it is parked inside. You would have to use the indoor car covers to protect it from dust. The cards parked without a car cover are more in a need for regular car washes. Car garage would take a nice space of your house which you can use for some other activity, for instance you can construct a play area for your kids with wall climbers and slides.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a car cover:

You can either choose to park the car outside or might have no option in this regard. In any case, you should know the benefits of using The Car Cover in place of the garage.

  • These are compact and allow you to park the car outside
  • You are able to take the car quickly, if parked for a small duration
  • Protection from external conditions at reduced costs

It is a relatively cost effective method. You would not only save the space but a lot of money that is required to build a garage. It is easier for people to take their car to nearby markets when they are parked outside as compared to being parked in a garage with a locked door. If you are concerned about the protection, there are many latest car covers which are able to cope with extreme weathers and would not let your car damage in any circumstances. It is a great idea to buy The Car Cover from web stores because these online sellers are adept in creating custom made car covers for different types of vehicles.

There are a very few disadvantages of using a car cover. As this is a cost effective method and you can protect your car with an ease, more people are tending towards this option. The disadvantages of using a car cover might be summarized as follows:

  • Universal car covers are cheap but not good for all vehicle types
  • It is a hectic process to cover and uncover the car
  • Car is not completely protected from theft

When you buy a mass produced car cover, you are likely to face some issues because these car covers are not meant for very small vehicles. In small vehicles, these covers would remain shaggy and might damage the car body with continuous rubbing against it. In order to stay completely protected, you would have to order a custom made car cover that has all the options to resist different weathers. With properly fit car covers, it is not a lengthy process to cover and uncover the vehicle as these are adjusted perfectly.

If you want good health looks for good options

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Excel Template – Do you want to know more?

The human mind has always been in the invention process since life began on earth. Various ways have been made just to make life easier, but one thing that has made the human race to smile is the invention of computer technologies and the use of excel templates, which is a point of discussion. But are excel templates useful and what is an excel template. One can say is a file that is saved with a different file extension and serves as a basis for a new file. And therefore it is always recommendable instead of creating an excel work book from scratch, you can create a work book based on a template. Make sure that you read some good sample pdfs, for more information.

But the main question is that, has excel templates made the human life easier and simpler or is it the other way round. If one was to ask these questions in the early 1990’s and below very few people would have uttered a single word about it. There are many templates to be used. One can create a template store it in the template folder and as a result one can create work books based on this template without worrying that one can overwrite the original file.

Excel travel templates is an example: it seems terribly ironic that so much stress can go into planning a restful vacation and that’s why spreadsheets can be one of your favorite tools. From planning your budget to creating your packing list to setting a daily itinerary to see the site all of your information can be contained in one place and also look for sample pdfs.

Excel duty charts templates: let’s face it, if your kids did their chores then you could stop doing them. That would definitely simplify your life, right? A chart is not only good for its style and contents but it ties an allowance gauge to also teach money management skills.

Excel calendar template: during the Stone Age period the early man used to observe the sky for different weather changes in order to mark seasons and time while others observed migration of birds etc. That ought to be tough. But now that is nothing to worry about in the current generation because we have calendars to do all that. By making a calendar template one is able to know when to go to dates, visit family and friends, remember birthdays and so on.

Excel medication log template: they say that if you are not medicated then you are meditated. As we tend to the aging members of our population, adhering to a complicated medication list becomes an important job. And so as to deal with issues of forgetting and mixing up the wrong dosage a medication log template can be very useful. It may contain what and how the pills look like what ailment it addresses, dosage, refill number and other vital information. Life has never been so much easier until the start of using excel templates.

You cannot talk of spreadsheets without talking about excel. However, creating a spreadsheet is not easy. So go ahead and get one for yourself.

Owing to this fact, templates come in handy. Templates are very easy to use and allow you to get straight to tracking your data, thereby making better decisions based on those insights.

What is an Excel Spreadsheet Template?

Template- a predesigned spreadsheet which can be used to create new spreadsheets with the same formatting and same formulas and also go in for sample pdfs. Templates are easy to use since the formulas are already integrated into the spreadsheet and you need not know how to write formulas.

A template is a special Excel file type that creates a normal sheet or a normal file when opened based on the template file settings.

Three Types of Template Files

  1. Default sheet template – for creating a new blank sheet
  2. Default workbook template – for creating a new blank workbook
  3. Custom workbook template – used to create data entry spreadsheet for things like travel re-imbursements or capital expenditure submissions

Where do I find templates in Excel?

  1. Click ‘File’ tab
  2. Click ‘New’
  3. Available templates appear in excel backstage view
  4. Click ‘Sample Templates’
  5. All installed templates are displayed

How do I create a Template in Excel?

  1. Click ‘Microsoft Office’ button
  2. Click ‘Save As’
  3. Type the name of the file that you want to use for the template
  4. In the save as type box, click ‘Excel Template’ or click ’Excel Macro- Enabled Template

Business plan Templates

This includes general business plans, planning templates to templates tracking specific activities.

Employee Schedule Templates

This template allows for easy with titles, shifts and specific roles.

Payroll Templates

This deals with management of payrolls. You can use this to monitor employee workloads and ensure accuracy in payments.

Time Tracking Templates

Smartsheet offers many free options to calculate overall trends for analysis and mitigation measures.

Project Management Templates

Office Timeline has a variety of excel templates for management of several aspects in project management.

To Do List Templates

This template lets you schedule tasks, set priorities, and gets things done promptly. This template is customizable according to your needs.

Budgeting Templates

Having a budget in place is essential for prudent financial management. With budget in place, you learn where you are spending and decide where you can save.

Basic Invoice Templates

Has everything on business and tax information. The following are all in one easy to use interface:

  1. Taxes
  2. Terms and conditions
  3. Total calculation
  4. Automatic invoice numbering

Expense Tracking Templates

In this template, you record your expenses like a checkbook register, but has separate columns for recording and totaling your expenses.

Social Media Templates

There are many social media templates. In every stage of marketing, from planning and content creation to publication and results measuring and make sure that you also find some sample pdfs.

All that You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Paper

Prologue to Eco-friendly paper

Eco-friendly paper, is actually what its name suggests: A greener rendition of customary paper, with a little carbon impression and by and large natural effect. There are two primary sorts of eco-accommodating paper. The first is reused paper. The second is FSC Certified paper. Incorporating either into your home or office is an incredible move for nature. Contingent upon your area, you might almost certainly discover eco-accommodating paper at an office supply store close by. If not, the two assortments can without much of a stretch be found on the web.


  • Reused paper is produced using post-shopper squander as opposed to wood mash from naturally cut trees. Paper items, from bundling to the old scratchpad, can be reused into this sort of paper.
  • It’s anything but difficult to perceive how boundless reusing of paper items could lessen deforestation, by making more reused paper that doesn’t require new trees. Decreasing deforestation reduces natural surroundings misfortune for untamed life, and keeps more oxygen in the climate. Reusing approximately one ton of paper decreases ozone harming substance emanations by one ton of carbon proportionate, and spares around 7,000 gallons of water.
  • By utilizing reused paper, you are exploiting all the decency that originates from reusing paper items. When scanning for reused paper, know that most assortments are not made with 100 per cent post-customer materials, which implies that some crisp trees are as yet utilized in the paper’s generation.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The FSC, which depicts itself as a “gathering of organizations, tree huggers and network pioneers,” is a well-regarded not-revenue driven which plans to ensure the world’s timberlands by administering and improving timber generation.

The FSC has collaborated with key competitors in the timber business to assess and follow timber and mash through creation chains, and guarantee that more woods are overseen practically. Any paper or wood items confirmed by the FSC were made with manageable practices.

The FSC likewise thinks about the proper treatment of individuals in the creation of timber. Organizations which dislodge indigenous individuals in the production of their timber, for instance, won’t be guaranteed. Up until now, the FSC has secured around 174 million hectares of woods around the world.

Sometimes opt for both

Some FSC guaranteed paper is likewise made, in any event to some degree, from post-buyer materials. With this sort of paper, you can have the best of the two words, guaranteeing that recyclables were utilized to deliver the paper and that whatever crisp trees were utilized in its creation were reasonably collected.

Some FSC affirmed paper is even made to a limited extent from non-wood materials, for example, wheat straw. Such paper can further lessen the number of crisp trees required for paper generation.

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