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Prairie Paper Inc. (Prairie Paper) manufactures Step Forward Paper™ a revolutionary copy paper made up of 80% wheat straw waste and 20% Wood-Fibre which is FSC ® certified.”

Step Forward Paper is available nationwide in Canada through the 335 Staples Stores and on, and in the USA on through Staples Advantage and on (click here to buy now).

Step Forward Professional Grade Paper is available in 23X25”, 25X38” and 28X40” sheets and is suitable for large-scale commercial printing. Step Forward Professional Grade Paper is comprised of 60% Wheat Straw and 40% Wood-Fibre which is FSC ® Certified and is available through Unisource Distributors

The customer appeal of this product is both its price, performance and environmental attributes. Based on a groundbreaking Lifecycle study by Offsetters , Step Forward Paper™was found to be the best performing copy paper studied with the lowest environmental impact

Prairie Paper is a research, development, sales and marketing company founded by Jeff Golfman (President), Clayton Manness (Chairman), Actor Environmentalist Woody Harrelson (Co-Founder), several Private Equity investors and a consortium of public sector, R&D scientists, engineers, marketing, sales and agricultural experts.

Prairie Paper’s future goals include the construction of a factory on the Canadian prairies where there are millions of acres of waste straw available allowing us to produce a new 100% Tree-Free Chlorine-Free paper. The company has worldwide patents on its process and has the potential to establish Canada as an international leader in agricultural-fibre paper production.

Prairie Paper has won a number of awards including the 3M Environmental Innovation Award, the Material ConneXion Top 10 Innovation Award, the COPA Eco-friendly Award of Excellence, both gold and silver Canadian Printing Awards for most progressive environmentally friendly paper vendor and a Globe Award for Environmental Excellence in Best Green Consumer Product.

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